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Javier Navarlatz

Was hat mich zum Yoga gebracht

Was hat mich zum Qigong gebracht

I learned in childhood with my mother and also when traveling to the Amazonian rainforest. Then studied many disciplines of yoga in Buenos Aires, Santiago, California and India. I was looking to improve my posture due to scoliosis, and I was also interested in mindfulness. I found in Yoga a personal practice to promote my overall wellbeing.

Daran erkennt man mich

I like things to be in balance

Mein Lebensmantra


Meine Lieblingsasana

Meine Liebling-Qigong-Technik


Wer und was inspiriert mich?

Nature, travels and Yoga

Mein Sternzeichen

Ox in chinese Zodiac

Meine Stunden sind

I like the rigor of the technique, as well as the intuitive movement. My class is a space for all levels of Yoga, inclusive and pacific atmosphere. I want you to discover yoga as the key to the kingdom of health.

Was Yoga für mich bedeutet, in einem Satz

Was Qigong für mich bedeutet

Yoga is for me a way to be responsible with my own life. Also enjoy very much its practice which brings therapeutic benefits for body and mind.

House of Yoga ist für mich

n oasis of wellbeing in the south of Vienna.