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Was hat mich zum Yoga gebracht

Was hat mich zum Qigong gebracht

I came to Yoga when I was very young, at 15 I was fascinated by practicing the sun salutation because after the sequence I always felt different, positive, and happy. I am a Professional Dancer and yoga has always helped me rebalance my body and mind after long hours of work and physical exertion. It was a day when with a simple movement, I dislocated my arm and nothing was like before, I went through many kinesiologists and physiotherapists but the pain was constant, at the same time I continued dancing and the pain become chronic; After four years I had another lesson on the hip which left me immobile for a few months and that was when I stopped dancing and focused 100% on yoga to heal myself. The rehabilitation with yoga worked out and I felt much better. Then I began to study different disciplines of yoga and it was in 2003 when I practiced my first Bikram yoga class, after two months of continuous practice and a lot of patience the pains disappeared, I felt that the heat and the 26 yoga postures my body was adjusted and rearranged forever, it was like a miracle, my yoga teachers motivated me every day to try the postures correctly by listening to each word and feeling my body. That is why I decided to be a teacher of Bikram yoga, the original hot yoga because I believe in the therapeutic value of postures and how the temperature works. is so good especially if your body has gone through pain and injury.

Daran erkennt man mich

I am a calm person but with a lot of inner energy. Let me try to help you feel good and to achieve physical mental and spiritual balance in your yoga class.

Mein Lebensmantra

"Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu" May everyone, anywhere in the world, be happy and free.

Meine Lieblingsasana

Meine Liebling-Qigong-Technik

All of them! Yoga asanas are fascinating.

Wer und was inspiriert mich?

Students inspire me. I believe that each person who comes to a yoga class is willing to know himself from a humble and genuine side, in the yoga class you are yourself without masks. Seeing how you do your best in each pose is truly inspiring. yoga has the ability to solve the deepest problems in life; with a calm mind, and feeling the body.

Mein Sternzeichen

I am sagittarius.

Meine Stunden sind

Yoga, meditation, contemplating nature, feeling the atmosphere and connecting with the people around me.

Was Yoga für mich bedeutet, in einem Satz

Was Qigong für mich bedeutet

I live Yoga as a philosophy of life, I believe in the healing power that this ancient discipline offers, physical and mental well-being based on will and determination. Yoga is a great tool for going through life from a receptive and conscious perspective.

House of Yoga ist für mich

It is the home of all yogis. it is a place where you recharge your energy, you renew yourself, you leave happy and focused and willing to come back soon.